Sunday, June 6, 2010

Some poems

I write poems and and blog posts that just sit here in my drafts. So, I decided to post a few. On the last one I used a template, you just fill in the words you want and it gives you a format. I did that on one of my earlier poems I posted. I really don't know what I am doing as far as poetry, anyway, here you go. :)

Blue Embers

The coldness of the grave gives me solace after the fire goes out
The presence of your ghost surrounds me
Unchanging austere glances burn my heart to the ground
Falling onto the white steps, blood begins to drip on my neck
Petals tumble on my soul to disguise the distress
My mask becomes too thin to believe the revelations
Devils dwell in my essence, taking me to an obscure misery
My unredeemed body lays still

Dreams of Sand

Reality is hard to bear when it comes at you in a storm......
Dreaming and believing you are the only one to live in a heart.......
Transparent to the world, not knowing what is real or fantasy.....
The door shut me in, I can see the words of truth floating behind me.....
The winds force the sting of defeat in my face, knocking me to the ground.....
I believed it was me, I believed it was you....
I didn't know I was living in dreams of sand.....

All I Want

All I want is someone to understand
Someone to love

All I want is someone to understand
Someone to care
Someone to be there

All I want is someone to understand
Someone to shoot me to the stars
Someone to hold my heart
Someone to save me from falling

All I want is someone to understand
Someone to hold me near
Someone to share my dreams
Someone to bleed
Someone to feel

All I want is you


  1. Thank you for sharing. I hope all is well :)

  2. Lovely words, and All I Want just conveys the desire for love and companionship so very beautifully.